Welcome at The Governor!

The Ambassador City Centre Hotel gets some support from her new friend ‘The Governor’.

Our industry brings people together. Whether you are looking for a cozy come-together with your partner, family, friends or colleagues, we recognize that the core intention lies in spending time together:
Enjoying together, philosophize about life together, mindfully being together.
At the same time, this means that different wishes and needs come to one table;
whereas one prefers to continue her vegetarian lifestyle during a night out, we realize that the other one can choose to have diner not so ‘consciously’ that evening.
Therefore, you will find a variety of different classic and conscious dishes at the Gov’s menu: something for everyone! In addition to our delicious dishes, you can also visit us (at one of the two cozy bars) for a delicious cold beer, a beautiful glass of wine and a nice cocktail or Gin-tonic.

Warm regards and see you soon!
Team The Governor